The Gypsie

Does anybody know who started persecution of the Gypsies? Well , if you don’t know , it was the Co-emperor Galerius. He started the persecution in 1933.


They were persecuted by Hitler. He persecuted over one million of the Gypsies in their home town. He is the reason they don’t trust outsiders, because they don’t know if the outsiders are going to persecute them so they do not trust them down to the last bone in their body. They also do not like monkeys, owls, or birds just because of  their religion. The Gypsies finial stood up for themselves  when they saw Hitler  walking towards  them . They said that we will not let you push us around any more , if you talk about us or our  home we will start to persecute


Now you know about as much as I do on  the Gypsie  and who and why  they were persecuted.

Best Gift Given

The  best gift that I have ever given to someone is the gift of life. I gave my little puppy another chance to live her ( Blessing ) life  ,because she had parvo  ( a gross  disease  that can kill any kind of puppy under the age of 6 months). I know that it is not a lot but it came from my heart and I could of just left Blessing  there like other person  would . It was just the way that of  other people think that Blessing is just a dog  but to me Blessing  is like a real person , but she just has 4 legs  so do we but we just walk on 2 of them she  drinks , eats ,and she  lives  like we do. She is not that different after all. The gift that I gave it made feel so good once I gave  her another chance to live her life . I bet if Blessing could talk she would thank me and  say “Thank you for not giving up on me”, and now she sleeps with me in my bed and she even has her on bed. Does anyone know what this mean “It is better to  give than receive” .It means when you give someone something it would make feel like you were the best person in whole world. That is what it made me feel like I don’t know about other people. To some people it they like to get stuff than give stuff away.

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